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What makes MINDid different than other apps ? 

Mental well-being is so much more than better sleep, more movement, or feeling happier. It's knowing that despite what comes your way, you are capable, you are well-equipped, and you are supported to meet each challenge. The path to mental well-being is not one-size-fits all.

MINDid recognizes that for you to reach your potential, you need a tool that adapts with YOU. MINDid takes a big-picture approach to wellness to better identify factors that are influencing your mental well-being. Through daily "check-ins", MINDid tracks your mood, thoughts, behaviors, and activities so you can understand your patterns and visually see your progress. MINDid is a supportive space for you to know you.

How is MINDid ensuring its users' privacy ? 

MINDid takes data protection extremely seriously. We understand that you are providing us with very privileged information; therefore, we have made your privacy one of our top concerns. Please visit our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for more information, or contact us at

Can I suggest a feature that would help me ? 

Yes! We want to know what features or areas would help you to manage your mental well-being more effectively. Drop us a message at We look forward to hearing from you!

I'm a therapist, can I use MINDid with my patients ? 

Great Question! MINDid is a great tool paired with therapy. Users can download a PDF of their daily check-ins and insights graphs, which can be helpful for combatting recall bias or facilitating deeper discussions. If you would like to know more about integrating MINDid into your practice, please contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

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