Guided Wellness Check Ins 

Track Your Mental, Physical, and Emotional Health

Visualize Your Progress and Receive Personalized Insights

Intelligent Wellness Tracking

What Makes You, YOU! 


Explore your well-being through the daily check-in. Capture the different aspects of your day and understand your life's ups and downs. MINDid tracks your mindset, activities, nutrition, sleep, emotions, thought patterns, & more. 

Personalized Analytics & Insights

Visualized but Never Compromised!

 The tools, charts, and features you need to better manage your health and gain new insights. Or, just leave that to us! MINDid delivers personalized resources and strategies to help you live with less stress and more intention. 

The Tools You Need

To Feel Confident, Anywhere.

Access custom resources & content on mental health, well-being, and self-development curated for your needs. MINDid is designed to empower you in the hard times and be there with you in the good times.


A space for you to get real 

MINDid is dedicated to changing the way that we visualize mental wellness by empowering people to own and understand their entire well-being like never before. Several factors contribute to our thoughts, actions, and feelings - sometimes we have control over these factors, other times we don’t. It’s a process that can feel mysterious and often too complex to manage. Our goal is to take the complexity and mystery out of understanding and prioritizing your mental health and well-being.

With objective, consistent, and reliable support, it’s easier to manage your health and feel confident. MINDid allows people to track their life's activities to help make sense of it all. What makes you tick? Why do you feel the way you feel? MINDid is here to visualize your mental wellness, find your life patterns, and help you identify areas to improve. We make it easy to get real and keep it real.  


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Understand and reflect on your daily mood, sleep, stress, thoughts, nutrition & more.

MINDid empowers you to own and understand your well-being like never before.  

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